The Dominion of the Northern Marches
The Dominion of the Northern Marches consists of the allied cities of Alderwag, Caer Coedwig, Forgeholm, High Road, Ozem's Vigil, Staalgard, Talonguard, Tavernhold and Veggr Tor as well as joint owernship of Concordia with Brighthaven Alliance. Located in the north of the map, The Dominion has access to a wide variety of resources, and supports all the crafting and adventuring roles in the game.  (For newcomers to the game, follow the hexes northwest out of Thornkeep about 15 hexes and you will find us).

Dominion Territory

Do I fit....?
To just boldly state "The Dominion is for Good Guys" is a misnomer. Better to declare that "The Dominion is for Not Bad Guys". Currently alignment like the tabletop version is not factored into the game, though it may someday be so. At this time, The Dominion looks at things this way: Bad Guys are those that go out and look for random players to murder. Murder being defined as killing players for no other reason than to rob them or for fun. We want anyone that does not want to do that while playing Pathfinder Online. The only exception (a nod to the future) is that we do not want self declared or planned evil characters. All others are excellent candidates. If you do not want to do such things with your play time and would prefer that they not be done to you, you are probably a good fit for The Dominion of The Northern Marches.

Our Goals with Core Values and Our Focus

Our Goals are lofty and include developing into a major player in Pathfinder Online. We want a large, relatively secure area for our members to play in and have FUN. It will be a relatively safe area because some of our members enjoy chasing out bandits, RPK enthusiasts, and all around unsavory types.

Personal Core Values: We treat everyone with respect and the dignity endowed in being human. That means:
Providing a socially safe game space for playing Pathfinder Online, e.g.:
*Not using slurs in reference to others
*Not using sexualizing or objectifying language
*Disrespecting others is something we won’t tolerate, and is grounds for dismissal from the settlement.

Our focus is on building up our cities' capabilities so that we have strong members and a strong community.  Our strategy has been to claim a moderate amount of territory and build it up to high levels of security and production, which in turns supports a high level of training and crafting.  We currently support training at level 18 and a full suite of Tier 3 crafters.  Our plan is to continuously support training at level 20 in all adventuring, crafting and refining roles.  This will require dedication to gathering, refining, and PvE on a community basis.

What We Offer for the Various Roles
Ozem's Vigil and Alderwag and Staalgard have full crafting capability in each town, making crafting for all members easy and convenient.  Forgeholm, True to it's Dwarven Heritage, is focused on all manner of construction but specilaized in working with stone and the finest River Kingdom metals. Ozem's Vigil trains Fighters and Clerics, and Alderwag trains Wizards and Rogues, covering all the bases in adventuring. So whatever adventuring, crafting or refining roles you prefer, you're welcome in both cities.  The Dominion are also Stewards and Protectors of the town of Caer Coedwig and therefore have easy access to an Auction house for trading and a Cathedral of Nature, further expanding the available alignment options.

What Makes The Dominion Different
The Dominion is unique in PFO as the home of true Paladins: we take alignment seriously, and will not ally ourselves with evil cities, or engage in any other evil-aligned meta-gaming. We feel this is fairly significant. Evil has no place in the Dominion.

The Dominion has and will continue to vigorously defend our territory, only engaging in offensive action against those who attack us, or whose depredations in the game in general demand action from those of Good intent.  

We are looking for a core group of players whose main interests align with gathering, crafting, building, and PvE, and we welcome those who understand that PvP is necessary in the game to defend our territory and take offensive action against those who merit it.

We are a mainly North American based group and our main play time is between 6pm and 11pm West Coast time.  Members from all areas are welcome and you can find our players on throughout the day.  We have been playing continuously since the beginning of Early Enrollment, grouping up for PvE almost every night.

Newcomers, why should you join us?  First we encourage you to decide to join someone as soon as possible after starting the game.  This is because the game can not really be played solo and because playing in a group is both more fun and helps you reach achievement gates far faster.  We are a fun and experienced group of players well versed in the  nuances of the game, able and willing to help you grow your character.  We run a "volunteer" economy at this time.  This means you keep what you gather or gain as loot from escalations if your character needs it or will need it(i.e. you are planning to be a Tanner so you may want to keep hides or Tanner recipes), you donate the rest to the settlement's kitty, and we provide the gear you need as an adventurer or materials if you are a crafter.  We will help you reach achievement gates.  We have build guides for all classes and attributes on our website.  We are located in an area where most resources may be obtained without having to journey across the whole map.  
Experienced Players, we welcome you also.   We have T3 crafters and gatherers (more are of course welcome). Having all crafting and refining capabilities located in both Ozem's and Alderwag means being able to provide whatever you need, whether it's gear or a place to craft.  Our plan to have all roles, crafts and refining skills trainable to level 20 on an ongoing basis in 2 cities within 3 hexes of each other provides a strong base of operation for you.  We feel this is unique in the game at this time.
We hope you choose to join us.  To join, apply in game to any company in either Alderwag or Ozem's Vigil, Forgeholm or Staalgard and on our website:
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