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The Dominion of the Northern Marches
Welcome, Brave Travelers to The DotNM web site for the Pathfinder Online MMORPG! Thank you for stopping to have a look at what we are all about. Usually referred to as "The Dominion" in game, we are an alliance of the cities (called "Settlements") that you can see in the purple map area below. Political structure in Pathfinder online tends to run in the following way: You the player are a member of a Chartered Company which is Banner pledged to one of the many Settlements in the game and that Settlement may or may not belong to a Greater alliance of Settlements bonded for mutual defense, trade, synergistic training (no one Settlement can train all skills or feats) and general philosophy.

To skip the reading and just get going, click ***APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP*** in the left column.

Dominion Territory

What is The Dominion all about?
We are a collection of players, many here since the beginnings of Pathfinder Online, who have bonded into an alliance for the betterment of our membership. We stand for the freedom to play the game untroubled by those with evil and aggressive outlooks towards other players. We do not all detest PVP nor do we shy away from it when we need defend our alliance. We have established and hold a "Safe Zone" clear of random player killers, bandits and non necessary war. A safe land governed by a happy, helpful, welcoming and prosperous community. We are casual gamers for the most part that do not put heavy expectations on or membership. We do want and expect our members to have the same outlook as above toward other members. We are a cooperative group so that we can best succeed against the challenges we face in Pathfinder Online like the True Gamers that we are.

What Makes The Dominion Different
*The Dominion is unique in PFO as the home of true Paladins: we take alignment seriously, and will not ally ourselves with evil cities, or engage in any other evil-aligned meta-gaming. We feel this is fairly significant. Evil has no place in the Dominion.
*Even further in our uniqueness, The Dominion embraces the aspect of the creativity of the more chaotically minded. Those that balk at strict and lawful ridgidty are often open minded enough to solve problems with an "out of the box" approach. This adds to our strengths as an evolving and surviving Entity. Freedoms and tolerence of differences have every place in The Dominion.
*The Dominion has and will continue to vigorously defend our territory, only engaging in offensive action against those who attack us, or whose depredations in the game in general demand action from those of Good intent. 

What does The Dominion offer its Members?
*All player training and the ability to train any skill past the rank of 8 is based on Player run Settlements to provide. No one Settlement has the ability to offer training in each and every skill available to players. The Dominion, as a group, DOES have that ability. We can offer you the flexibility to train any skill as high as you wish.
*There are Achievements (that we call Gates) required to train skills all along as you rank them up. The Dominion is very well versed in the nuances of these Gates and how to best pass them. We provide the help you will need to pass any that block your training higher and higher.
*We offer private Voice communications (TS3) but do not make them mandatory.
*We offer you the freedom and fun to play generally as a loner (if that is your style) or as a more active participant if you enjoy Fellowship and good laughter.
*We offer a very safe place to try out and play Pathfinder Online.
*We offer help, advice, and specific mentoring if that is wanted.

Who We want for Members
We are always looking for new players that want to explore what Pathfinder Online is all about. Those interested in anything and everything possible in the game. From resource gathering to crafting player gear and structures to fighting off the Land's monstrous population and yes, even goodly inclined PVP enthusiasts can find a well honored place in our ranks. We want Good Folk that value freedom and detest evil. Most of all we want members who like to have fun and enjoy gaming as we do.

How do I join and what happens then?
Whether you have already applied in game or have decided to here, you will need to use the link on top of the left text column that reads ***APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP*** Fill out the application there so that we know how to best serve your needs and expectations. After doing that you will receive information here in the onsite forum or via PM, also via this site. We will take things from there and get you started on this Grand Adventure with us!
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